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[heading icon=”” type=”standard” size=”h1″ extra=”uppercase strong”] WHO ARE WE?[paragraph extra=”lead”] Dr. GTR & Prestige Motorsports Australia is a leading motor enthusiasts haven and we offer an excellent collection of services. Firstly we are a  smash repair company, secondly we supply new and used motor parts.[span extra=”accent-color”]Thirdly, we do paintless dent removal, futhermore we provide a  buying and selling service for our customers and finally we offer Race Track Thrills for the intrepid. [/span][/paragraph][/one_half]
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[paragraph extra=””]Our Australian owned and operated business is dedicated to offering superior workmanship everytime. Our team at Dr. GTR & Prestige Motorsports Australia are experienced, thorough and friendly. [/paragraph]
[paragraph extra=””]Our professional service and prompt turnaround are set to impress. Our company is Sydney based and
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